12 craps table plans. Build A Craps Table Plans – WoodWorking Projects & Plans


12 craps table plans. Build A Craps Table Plans – WoodWorking Projects & Plans

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Need plans to build a 12ft. Craps table

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Along the way we learned a lot about woodworking and buying a number of tools. Yeah, ok, we bought a lot of rum, too. After cutting out all the different pieces, we started with the easy things. Attatching the base for the chiprail was reasonably simple. The hard part up to here was cutting out all of the curved pieces for the corners.

Phil tells me it was a right pain in the arse. Finally, the walls and top rail are in place. We have the braces there so the walls remain plumb.

Now most of the work is done. We thought so at the time, but we were wrong. Still, its never too early to toast! Before we covered the table base with the felt or with stain, we signed the wood and christened it with 12yr old single malt Dramboui.

Hope the table enjoyed it as much as we did. The walls were up, the top rail was on, and it was beginning to look a lot like a craps table! We had to play. Phil hits the 5 and passes. We won, …er… some fake chips. Here you see Phil and I sanding and prepping the table base and drink rail. The original plan called for the base to be attatched to the legs, but we opted for just having it set on the legs for greater portability.

We finally get to staining and sealing with polyurethane. You see in the picture the underneath side of the table base. The top side drink rail has 5 coats of poly on it! These were what we were dreading for the entire project. Again the original plan called for something different, but we felt that if we were going to do this thing, we were going to do it right! We just ran them straight through the router a couple of times.


$3 craps

Now those were good odds for a 25 cent chip, considering that the SAME Paulson and Sons chips were costing me 35 cents each for my Roulette table’s off colors! Roulette players know what an “off color chip” is, but it might be a new term to a Craps player. Roulette uses the SAME chips but “weird” colors, so someone could NOT pocket some Roulette 25 cent buy in chip and try to slip them onto a Craps table stack to pass as a higher value chip This is the only time I played the bare minimum on a Craps Table.

They wanted you to play the 25 cent chips on the table and then press you up, but I told my dealer just to stack them on the apron and I will take them. Yes, I know that not all Casinos use the clay chips today, but many have gone to the Chipco plastics that have prettier designs. Some times they kept a stack of 50 cent pieces to cut down on the chips walking off the table The risk you take with this crowd If they do not like your play, your taking too much time it will cause a riot with name calling and telling you to get on with it.

I do not think that part has changed a bit, so if you can get downtown to play Craps at the Horseshoe or a smaller Casino that has room for a Craps table, try it. If you play late, I think the bus leaves Downtown at midnight for the last run. The wife and I would be sitting on the bench and being offered a drink out of the bottle in a paper sack, unknown now, drinking buddy. That is a very long walk back to the Strip. I know, off topic. There was a time when you could toss out an “Out of Casino” chip, a valid chip from a local Casino, and ask the Boxman if he would accept it onto the table.

One way to get those loose chips you forgot you had in your pocket. I never was turned down. If you WON, the chip came back. If you lost, it was pulled out and dropped into the cash box drop with the paper currency buy ins. The collectors of chips would go to the Cashier Windows at the small Casino and ask to see what Out of Casino chips they had, in the event some were collectable.

These collectors could make good money when a local would find some “antique” chips in a drawer, throw them onto the table, lose and now these chips became a bit of a hassle for the small local Casino to turn them into cash at face value.

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